Just Fly, dear one


Caring as deeply as I do about girls’ empowerment, I have thought through, read about, listened to, and personally given many pieces of advice on just how to be girl-strong.

Like gravity, there’s a constant pull toward the whole “plan” of it.

How does a girl find her authentic awesomeness?  How can she own it confidently every single day?  How does she lean in, as so many are now discussing thanks to Sheryl Sandberg’s great book?  How does she use her voice, demanding equal pay for equal work, a seat at the table, a leadership position in her community?

The plan is coming together, thanks to a beautiful wave building momentum in society today.

But today, I want you to put the plan aside.

Today, I want you to focus on just one thing – FLYING.

The inspired poet Mark Nepo writes this:

“There is a deep and humbling lesson in the way of birds.  Their wings grow and stretch and span patches of air.  First tentatively and then with confidence, they lift, they pump, they glide, they land.  It seems, for birds, it is the act of flying that is the goal…

Unlike birds, we confuse our time on Earth, again and again, with obsessions of where we are going – often to the point that we frustrate and stall our human ability to fly…

Yet, without consideration or reservation it is simply the presence of light that stirs birds to sing and lift.  They do not understand concepts such as holding back or only investing if the return seems certain…

How many times do our hearts stall because we won’t let the wingspan of our passion open us fully into our gifts?  How frequently do we search for a song of guidance that can only come from inside us?”

So today, with no plan, but much purpose – Just Fly.

From the place of passion, at your core, listen to yourself and hear the song that is only yours.  Follow its rhythm and Just Fly.

We will always have our plans, and I’ll do everything I can to help girls of all ages craft their winning ones.

My sense is that if you can spend time just spreading and pumping your gorgeous wings, guided by your heart and what makes you light up, the plan becomes supercharged.

For today… Just Fly, dear one.


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