Holy smokes, I won!


Much of my thinking this past year has been around the lottery, and having won it. 

No, not Lucky Seven, or Quick Picks, or any other game that taxes our delusions, but the one every single human on this planet has won. 

We absolutely smashed the odds with our luck when we were conceived and then subsequently born. 

Power Ball odds have nothing on the lottery each of us has already won. 

Unlike the gambler’s pipe dream, our lottery prize has an expiration.  This we know for sure. 

We won a trip to Earth.  We have an arrival date we know and celebrate every year, and a departure date about which we are clueless. 

So while we’re in town on this dream vacation, what are we doing with our time?

This is the question I asked myself all year…. 

What are you going to do with this one, winner? 

What kind of mark shall I make? 

How can I leave this place better for having had me as its guest? 

How much can I breathe in, gobble up, consume into the threads of my tapestry, so that what I give back has as much texture and love and kindness and inspiration and empowerment as possible?

Check this video out…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dS_sPnfzks

It helps, sometimes, to remember how big it all is. 

Yet even in our miniscule stature within the universe, we have the gift of being here. 

What mark do you want to make?  I would love to hear your ideas…


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