And then there’s The BOY

If you’ve read my first two posts, hopefully it’s clear that I have a deep passion to inspire THE GIRL, young and old, to own her authentic awesomeness, as much for her own life path as for the wellness of every single human on earth.

As a coach, manager, mentor, mother, I have organically found myself in a position where I have consciously worked to foster empowerment in our gender, believing that we are blessed with certain evolutionary skills that this world needs now more than ever – things like instinct to nurture, ability to hear, galvanize, collaborate, build confidence in others, hold…

But let it be said, just as much as I am “A Believer in THE GIRL” – I am the hugest fan of THE BOY.

At the top of the heap in my world are our 15 and 3 year old sons.

the boys

Our oldest is a kind hearted, wise, curious, creative, ambitious 6 footer, who is one of the most important partners I have as I pursue my dream to affect the girls of the world.  In fact, I owe the name of “The Born Worthy Project” to him. Check out his blog, and you’ll get a sense of this kid’s curiosity and hunger for living –  How I love him, and how I want for more young men of the world to have such authentic confidence that they too support the other gender with such quality heart and purity of soul.

Our littlest is a bright-eyed, muscular little superhero/cuddle-bunny (oh, melt my heart).  Last night he called me on his pretend cell phone and asked if I was having a meeting.  He knows Mama works, and that I do it with gusto.  He loves coming to Mama’s office, never asks me not to go to work, but also admitted he cries when I’m gone on overnight biz trips.

For my sons, my priority responsibility is not just to provide them shelter, sustenance, and rides to soccer practice.  It is to demonstrate empowerment, purpose and love as they are uniquely embodied in a woman.  My hope is simple – that they grow into adulthood with a default mode that supports and encourages the empowered GIRL, as self confident and equally empowered BOYS.  And if I am fortunate to make a fraction of the impact I hope to, the ripple effect will affect millions more boys, for good.

Taking this globally is a monumental challenge.

Last month’s story about the gang rape/murder in India crushed me.  That poor girl, and that poor boy she was with – the horror they endured.  How could a human do that to another human?

My question: what happened in the rapists’/murderers’ lives that allowed them to ravage her, again and again with a metal pipe, screams, tears, blood, terror in her eyes?  What happened to those boys in their childhood, and what did we miss along the line that could have lead them down a noble path?

So as much as I will focus on women and girls, and raising her self confidence with grace and authenticity, we must all focus on THE BOY, not only to foster his awesomeness in its own right, but as a critical lifelong partner with, and believer in THE GIRL.

(Kid President gets us going… keep on it, kiddo!


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