A believer in THE GIRL

My daughter's heart - figuratively - and literally in this pic - exists outside herself as much as within.

My daughter’s heart – figuratively – and literally in this pic – exists outside herself as much as within.

I’ve been wanting to tackle something for a long time now.

As a mom of three, a wife, a daughter, sister, friend, a coach and athlete, a mentor and marketing director at Xbox, I play lots of angles each day. Care for my dear ones, nurture my employees and players, run my business, and of course if I have time, do something good for myself too.

I love my day-to-day, but for too long now, I’ve been aching to send forth ripples beyond my personal pond. Way beyond.

This blog marks the beginning of an effort to elevate a topic that burns like a bonfire in my heart.

**You see, I am a big believer in the authentic awesomeness of THE GIRL.**

And I think the world needs more believers, especially the girl herself.

Strip away all the noise for a second, and visit the very basics with me…

Go back to your earliest days, as far back as you can recall, and select a moment if you can when you weren’t happy for some reason – something as simple as falling down, or being scared of the dark.

From whom did you first seek comfort? Whose embrace and words would you look for to sooth your little heart? My bet is that for the majority of you, it was your mother. For me, there’s no doubt. It was my Mama.

My dad was no poor substitute, in fact he was always and continues to be one of the most amazing men and fathers I know. But from my earliest years, my nature to look for Mama was predictable.

She nurtures.

Now ponder this.

The same nurturing, comforting, soothing woman who kisses boo boos and shoos away goblins, is also the a most intimidating and fiercely unstoppable force who will fight to the death, anyone who dares threaten her young.

You see it in the animal kingdom as much as the human’s. A bear who wants food is not to be messed with. A mama bear who thinks you’re after her cub? She kicks that other bear’s ass in like 14 seconds flat.

She protects.

From the point of conception to our last breath, we rely on women – those who’ve birthed children and those who haven’t – to nurture, embrace, bolster, scold, protect, sacrifice, dream, believe, pave the path for all of us.

It’s in our DNA to care outside ourselves. To not just listen but to hear. To foster collaboration with the innate understanding that it takes a village. To not eat until others have been fed. To not put up with nonsense. To swat away threats to her brood with imposing intent.

It’s in our DNA, and it’s awesome.

Now more than ever our world needs selfless leadership and vehement prioritization of universal good. From the XX and the XY, we need this.

My call to the XXs… you are blessed with an innate set of awesomeness that this world needs more of.

You were born worthy.


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